How does PayPerKay Work?

speedRenting a car in UAE can be challenging. There are so many companies offering car rental that choosing one best suited to your needs is difficult.We advise you to consider a few things. Understand how the cost of the car rental is calculated and what is included in your contract. How often does your car rental company service your vehicle? What is the breakdown service offering? If the cost of a rental car is very low, a company may be skimping on the services it offers.We service our lease and rental cars every 10,000km. With PayPerKay you only pay for the kilometres you drive and therefore only the services that your car requires. With us you pay less because you’re not subsidising the servicing of cars that drive long distances.

Step 1.

Select a car and contract period on Submit your details.

Step 2.

We’ll call you to discuss your requirements further or we can meet with you. Once you’ve decided on what package is best for you, we’ll prepare a contract pack and book a car for you.

Step 3.

We’ll send you an email / text message to let you know how to download the PayPerKay application from the Apple or Android App Stores.

Step 4.

We’ll meet to wrap up the paperwork and give you access to the mobile app.

Step 5.

You’ll drive off in your new car!

payperkay mobile app

Your username and password are on the PayPerKay card inside your welcome pack.

payperkay mobile 2

The dashboard will show your available kilometres.

pay per kay mobile 3

Top-up your kilometres with our bundle packs.

payperkay mobile screen4

See a summary for the month.

Just to let you know…

Topping up extra kilometres:

  • Kilometres come in 100km, 250km, 500km and 1,000km bundles.
  • When you have 100km remaining on your allowance, we will alert you. You simply buy a new kilometre bundle via the mobile application. You don’t have to wait until you are alerted; you are able to buy extra kilometres at any time you wish.

Monthly free kilometres:

  • At the beginning of each contract month you’ll be credited with a free 1,000 kilometres.

Rolling over of unused kilometres:

  • So that you don’t-lose-what-you-don’t-use, any kilometres that remain at the end of each month will be credited to the following month.

What happens if I don’t top up in time?

  • If you do not top up your kilometres, when you reach 0km you will be charged at 3 x the basic per kilometre rate of your monthly plan for every kilometre that you drive (until you top up).


Looking for economical car leasing in Dubai or Abu Dhabi (or anywhere else in the UAE)?

We’ve come up with a new way to lease a car in the UAE so that you only pay for the kilometres you drive. We’ve put you in control. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t!

payperkay logo

Welcome to Pay-As-You-Go car leasing

PayPerKay uses an innovative mobile app that supports your long term lease car rental contract. When you sign a long term lease with us you we will give you 1000km for free every month and let you buy any further distance you want to use on a pay-as-you-go basis. PayPerKay offers car leasing for Abu Dhabi and Dubai as well as other centres in the UAE.

payperkay image

The benefit of a PayPerKay long term lease

When leasing a car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi you will be expected to sign a long term lease contract that requires you to pay for a number of kilometers each month whether you use them or not. This is obviously not fair to drivers who are leasing a car and driving only short distances every month. Currently lease contracts do not address the needs of short distance users.

So lease a car from us and only pay for the kilometers you drive, not for the kilometers that other people drive.