3 Mountain Destinations In The UAE

The first place we’re going to talk about is more of a road than a place. It’s the old road to Fujairah. There is a new road to Fujairah. It’s very good. It cuts through the mountains and you can get to the east coast on little more than an hour. On your way back home you’ll want to take that road. But, for the experience, you need to head north and drive along the E88 toward Masafi (yes, the water place). As you reach Masafi you’ll come to the mountain range. Well, you would have already seen it, but at Masafi it sees you and tells you to turn left or right. Turn left.

This road really is one of the UAE’s best. Up, down, round and round. You get amazing views and the colours of the mountain rock makes the experience your eyes will capture far better than the one your camera will. You’ll need a few hours to get there but it’s well worth it.

Staying with mountains, the Al Ain Zoo is second on this list. It seems to be a trend in the UAE to suffer poor dining at zoos, Al Ain Zoo being no exception – so eat well before you go. That aside, Al Ain Zoo will give you and your family an entire day of entertainment. The zoo nestles next to the mountain range which really gives you a feeling of being in nature. Differing to Sharjah Zoo, which is more of an animal rescue centre, Al Ain Zoo is a full on conservation park. You won’t want for anything when you go there, just remember sunblock and a hat!

The final place is many places but we’re not cheating. Ras Al Khaimah’s beaches, for the most part, are free to access. It’s a real shame that most of the UAE’s north coast has been swallowed up by hotels. Yes, you can get to them but sometimes you just want to sit on a beach and listen to the waves. In RAK, you get that. Even better, and in-keeping with the theme, the beach further to the north allows you to sit with sea in front and mountain at back. Free beaches, excellent.