3 Places In Sharjah You Need To Visit

Sharjah is more than just Dubai’s northern cousin, Sharjah is a cultural capital. One of the places Sharjah has that is a real surprise of the Sharjah Archaeology Museum. The museum itself is a subtle building nestled in between a residential and commercial area. The nicest thing about it is that it’s cheap, adults cost AED10, children AED5, and those under 2 enter for free. This means that for AED30 an average family can learn about the region – where else does AED30 fill an hour for a family of four?

You didn’t know Sharjah was home to a Ceramic Dome circa 900-600 BC. You didn’t know that in Muweilah almost 3000 years ago people were making ceramic statues of camels. You didn’t know you could show your children a 4000 year old comb…in Sharjah.

Sharjah is also home to Al Qasba. Al Qasba is a touristic area near the Dubai border. It sits on a waterway, a canal almost, and features restaurants offering cuisine from many parts of the world. It’s not a great place for children but there is a small fairground area and a ferris wheel. Al Qasba is a place adults go to eat and take a leisurely stroll. If that sound like your thing, Al Qasba is decent option outside of Dubai.

Lastly for this article we’re looking at Sharjah Zoo, or the Arabian Wildlife Centre, to give it the correct name. Sharjah Zoo is not in the built up area of the Emirate and with good reason. Wild animals generally don’t enjoy people.

Sharjah Zoo scores almost flawlessly on Tripadvisor. It is an excellent place for a family with young children, one they can visit time and again. Reasonably low display cases full of frogs, fish, mice, and more, and outer areas with hyenas, ostriches, baboons, and more, means that toddlers can see everything. Add to this an enclosed aviary which you can walk through and the experience is a winning one. Dining options are slim, we’d advise you eat before you go…but you should go!