PayPerKay Car Lease: We launched in Dubai Today!

We’re here! Lease a car long or short term in Abu Dhabi or Dubai using our unique app. After a soft launch a week ago to help us secure some feedback, we launched fully today with a press conference at The Novotel in Al Barsha, Dubai. During the event our senior management talked though the […]

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Jebel Hafeet: The Best Drive in the World. Rent a 4×4

Desert Drive PayPerKay UAE tourist destination Hire Rent Lease a car

Not the best drive for a Dubai-streets hatchback. Better to rent a car with some space and power! Even Wikipedia can’t make up its mind on how to spell the English translation, we’re happy with either Jebel or Jabal. We’re going with Jebel for now though. Jebel Hafeet isn’t a lot of fun in the […]

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Ski Dubai: Close By if You Rent a Car in Dubai With Us

Skis PayPerKay Ski Dubai UAE tourist destination Hire Rent Lease a car

Ski Dubai is on Sheikh Zayed Road opposite The Burj al Arab. Rent / Lease a Car in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, click here for long term, click here for short term. Sometimes we take for granted things that have become familiar, Ski Dubai is one of those things. Ski Dubai is amazing. Don’t make the […]

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Welcome to our UAE Travel Blog!

Thanks for finding our site 🙂 We’re going to be talking about all the great places the UAE has. A park in Abu Dhabi, a restaurant in Dubai, a photo opportunity in Sharjah…and more. Check back soon, we’ll speak to you then 🙂

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