Stuck? Tips To Help You Stay Mobile In The UAE

Tips repair car UAE

You can now start the charging car, then attempt to start your car. Make sure the car stays on for fifteen Even though your PayPerKay car will be in tip-top condition, serviced regularly and clean when you get it, you may find yourself immobile by the side of the road, or worse in the desert. […]

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The Most Expensive Cars in the World 2016


At PayPerKay we like to think we’re a bit different. You don’t have to drive the same white car everyone else does, when you rent a car from us we hope you chose one that fits your personality rather than it being the cheapest one you can find. We try to keep a varied stock. […]

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The Best Selling Cars of all Time


Cars are great. Some cars are better than others, some cars hit that sweet spot in terms of sales. Here are the top three selling cars of all time. Number 3: The Model T Ford Okay, so Ford had first mover advantage. They were going to sell a lot. But for the car to still […]

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