Coming From The UK, What Car Should You Lease?

The answer to this question is not as obvious as you might think, a lot depends on what your experience with cars is.

Coming from the UK or Europe you may be used to smaller cars. Car tax and fuel costs may have meant you drove something small, a Yaris or similar. UK roads can be very windy, country roads can almost be one lane, and you can for the most part get everything you need for daily life in one small area. Schools, shopping, work…all within one town or village…and you’d have been driving at 30mph most of the time.

So it’s natural when coming to the UAE to look for something you’re used to. And, when you see the price of a smaller car, you’re even more tempted. It just makes sense. But, and there is a but, the UAE is not the UK. The roads are different, the way districts are designed is different, even the side of the road driven on is different. You may find that the 1.1L engine you’ve been used to can’t keep pace with the 120kph speed of the E311 or E611. In the UAE we use what you might all an A road to get from a to b. You’re going to drive faster for longer distances generally.

So maybe you need to step up a notch. You’re going to need a bit more power. Fine, you’ll take a Ford. You know Ford (we have those by the way). But then we ask, why? You can have a Ford. You can have a VW. You can take any car you fancy. So why not go for something different? Why not a Chrysler 300, or a Dodge Challenger? You can’t drive a 3.6L supercharged muscle car in the sleepy streets of Houghton Regis.

Yes, we’ve finished on a bit of want rather than need, but we’re serious with this advice. Don’t just go for the same type of car you’d use in the UK. Your UAE driving experience is going to be much different.