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Dreamland Aquapark: The Jewel of the North. Lease a 4×4 or Saloon

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Umm al Quwain is the quietest of all the Emirates. However one small part of it, usually at weekends, becomes one of the busiest places in the country.

Dreamland Aquapark is charming. It has escaped the computer revolution and if it stood next to the UAEs newer water parks it would look outdated. But, that is its charm. You drive for an hour, you take pictures of camels on the way, and when you arrive you’re transported into a world that time forgot. If you’re a Brit you may remember Butlin’s holiday camps, or the TV show Hi-di-hi. This era is where Dreamland comes from.

Make no mistake, we’re not suggesting Dreamland should change – at all. There are no tall buildings, there is no traffic; once there you are there and you have escaped everything you would want to escape at the end of the working week. Catering leaves a bit to be desired and you could be waiting a long time in a queue, and outside food and drink is prohibited (and checked for at the gate), but now you know that you can plan to eat a little earlier that the crowd.

It’s suitable for children of all ages (literally, there is a large shaded area that looks like it was once a bar that is perfect for the smallest of children), and couples alike. Anyone can spend an entire day at Dreamland.


PayPerKay Dreamland Aquapark UAE tourist destination Hire Rent Lease a car