Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Review: Worth your Rental Car KMs

By car from Dubai, Ferrari World is on Yas Island with an approach via the E11. By car from Abu Dhabi an easy route is to use the corniche road and head north. Rent / Lease a Car? Click here for long term, and here for short.

Okay, so it’s Ferrari. Did you think Ferrari world was going to be not good?! Abu Dhabi really nailed it with Ferrari World, found on Yas Island and easily accessible from the Abu Dhabi- Dubai highway.

There are far too many things to talk about, so we’re going to make a suggestion. Your children are going to be excited anyway, they are going to a theme park. Before you strap them into the rides take them through the Galleria Ferrari – the museum area dedicated to arguably the world’s best known car brand.

Show them the cars, let the tension build. When they finally get their hands on those steering wheels they are going to have a dream to follow. Instead of just being children at a theme park they’ll be race car drivers. You remember when you were young and you fell asleep in the back of the car after a good day out? Give them this 🙂


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