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Jebel Hafeet: The Best Drive in the World. Rent a 4×4

Not the best drive for a Dubai-streets hatchback. Better to rent a car with some space and power!

Even Wikipedia can’t make up its mind on how to spell the English translation, we’re happy with either Jebel or Jabal. We’re going with Jebel for now though.

Jebel Hafeet isn’t a lot of fun in the Summer, but when the weather cools it might be the best natural attraction in the UAE. It takes a while to get to from the populated areas of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, or Sharjah, but its worth it if you want to take the family somewhere without a roof and flashing lights.

Something we don’t have much of in the UAE is elevation. Mostly we’re driving flat. If you come from a country with hills you’ll remember how amazing a decent view is. Jebel Hafeet has views in abundance. Get a sturdy car, pack a cooler full of sandwiches and fruit juice, and make a day of it. Take your camera but leave the iPads at home. Let the kids look outside 🙂

And, according to Wikipedia, called it the best drive in the world. We’re not going to disagree.


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