Stuck? Tips To Help You Stay Mobile In The UAE

You can now start the charging car, then attempt to start your car. Make sure the car stays on for fifteen Even though your PayPerKay car will be in tip-top condition, serviced regularly and clean when you get it, you may find yourself immobile by the side of the road, or worse in the desert. Here are some things we’ve learned that should help you stay moving.

Jumper Cables

Many years ago the easiest way to start a car with a battery problem was to have friends push while you jump-started it in 1st gear. Most of the cars we lease and rent are automatic making jump starts impossible.

If you find yourself with a dead battery and need to use cables to power the car it is important to connect the cables to the correct parts of the battery. Failure to connect correctly could result in serious injury.

When connecting two car batteries the red clamp is attached to your car’s Positive element (+), and the other end to the charging car’s positive element. Then the black clamp is connected to your car’s negative element (-), and the other end attached to the charging car. Red is positive, black is negative. Do NOT attach the + end of one battery to the – end of the other.

minutes after the engine has started to give you sufficient power to get to the PayPerKay office. Remember to call us immediately, we’re here to help.


Whilst we’d rather our cars didn’t go dune bashing, we appreciate that they might (but please, if you have one of our small hatchbacks, stay away from the sand). We also understand that cars get stuck in sand outside of the desert. We’ve all tried to take that shortcut, we’ve all been stuck at least once. If you think you’re going to be driving on sand you can prepare for the worst by keeping a plank of wood, or similar, and a strong bag and a tow rope in your car.

This short video shows a group of gentleman successfully rescuing a car from deep sand. The video is not from PayPerKay and therefore we’re not responsible for the content. That said, there was a car stuck in the sand, and then there wasn’t.

If you get one tyre stuck a plank of wood or similar will give your car the extra traction it needs to move out of the loose sand you’re stuck in. Most hardware stores sell wood or can refer you to a store that does. A AED20 investment could prove invaluable.


It is very unlikely that your leased car will overheat but accidents happen, cables can break. If your car does break down due to overheating call us immediately, we don’t expect you to conduct a roadside repair. But, there is a reason we suggest keeping water in your car.

As you know, in the UAE we are blessed with humidity and sand. The combination of the two means windscreens get very dirty very quickly. Keeping bottled water in your boot/trunk means that you’ll be able to top up your windscreen washing tank easily. Bottled water also contains less minerals than tap water meaning your engine will suffer less from mineral deposits.

We hope these tips help and remember, if you get stuck call us. We’re with you every kilometre of the way.