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Visit Old Dubai

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We’ve discussed UAE culture many times on this blog. The reason is because most of the attractions based on UAE culture are really good. This time we’re talking about one in Dubai, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, to be precise.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is a free attraction.It’s an area of Bur Dubai which has been built using traditional methods and which displays traditional art. A stroll round the neighbourhood will refresh your appreciation for the UAE, it will take your mind of the daily hustle and bustle of commuting in traffic. The area has been rebuilt since its heyday as a trading location beside a busy creek, but accurately so using stone, gypsum, and wood, and to include air towers – the air conditioning of the period.

If you’re taking a car there is free parking nearby, if not you can use the Metro or bus (both of which have dedicated stations for this location). You can walk around the area any time you wish, day or night, but if you want to take in some of the museums you should check opening times before you set out.