Open Letters to Bad Drivers


This story in the Khaleej Times newspaper states that the UAE’s drivers are getting better. According to the story, survey respondents saw an overall decrease of 3% in terms of bad driving habits such as lane swerving and tailgating. We thought it would be a good idea to write a series of open letters to […]

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List of Transferable Driving Licences

PPK licence

Many visitors to the UAE are able to rent a car using the driving licence issued in their home country, others can drive using an international driving licence. For people planning to live and work in the UAE long term (recipients of a Residency Visa) a UAE driving licence is required. Fortunately the UAE offers a duplication […]

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Emirates Road works to be completed 2018

Rent a car in Dubai

There are few roads in the UAE that cause as much heartache than the E611 heading north during rush hour. Anyone who endures a commute on that road at that time will testify that if you leave Dubai just five minutes too late you have added an hour to your journey. There is little that […]

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How to get Fined in Dubai: A Police Video

ppk pol

Dubai Police has long been the proponent of prevention rather than cure. The video below, posted on their Facebook page, shows how a family in the UAE can amass AED4200 worth of fines in a matter of minutes. They don’t want our money, they want to stop bad driving habits. If you are new to […]

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Diary of a Rental Car: Dubai Police are Awesome


This diary is written by one of our cars. We aren’t responsible for the content as we’ve given it total editorial control. As a car I admire other cars. Cars that drive really fast, cars with good emissions data, cars that can store an entire family’s worth of luggage. But in the UAE we have […]

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