List of Transferable Driving Licences

Many visitors to the UAE are able to rent a car using the driving licence issued in their home country, others can drive using an international driving licence. For people planning to live and work in the UAE long term (recipients of a Residency Visa) a UAE driving licence is required. Fortunately the UAE offers a duplication service for the nationals of many countries; an applicant simply needs to apply for a UAE licence using the licence of their home country. Yes, you still keep your home country driving licence.

The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has approved applications from the holders of driving licences issued by the following countries:

1. United Kingdom
2. United States of America
3. France
4. Japan
5. Germany
6. Italy
7. Belgium
8. Netherland
9. Switzerland
10. Denmark
11. Greece
12. Spain
13. Sweden
14. Ireland
15. Norway
16. Turkey
17. Canada
18. Poland
19. South Korea
20. Finland
21. South Africa
22. Australia
23. Romania
24. New Zealand
25. Singapore
26. Hong Kong
27. Austria
28. Slovakia
29. Luxembourg
30. Serbia
31. Austria
32. Slovakia
33. Luxembourg
34. China
35. Portugal
36. Finland
37. Romania
38. Denmark
39. Serbia
40. Poland
41. Netherlands
42. Latvia
43. Lithuania

Each emirate has its own licencing authority but all licences issued in the UAE are valid throughout the country. If you are planning to transfer your licence to a UAE one and will do so in Dubai, you will need the following documentation:

A valid original driving licence

Valid residence visa issued by Dubai

A completed form of replacement of licence

No objection letter from sponsor to replace licence and optometry form accredited by the health authority in the emirate. The eye test can be conducted at approved opticians branches nationwide.

If you are unsure which licence you need to rent a car with PayPerKay, please call. We’re happy to help.