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Abu Dhabi Corniche. Spend Some TIme Outside

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When this author arrived in Abu Dhabi in 2003 the corniche was green and had footpaths. There was a plastic volcano (remember that?!) and few small beach areas. If you haven’t been to Abu Dhabi for a while, or only go there for business, you may have missed how excellent the corniche has become.

The Abu Dhabi government has really made an effort with the redevelopment of the corniche and in the winter months it’s as good a place as any to spend a few hours.

There are fountains, steps, passageways, parks, shelters, lots of grassy areas, plenty of car parking spaces; there are joggers, people playing badminton, football, children on bikes and roller-skates – I could go on.

There are many hotels in Abu Dhabi and if you’re upgrading your car for a few days and are looking for a place to stay the corniche is home to some good ones. It may not be top of your list for a weekend away but it deserves consideration if for nothing more than a great walk.


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