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Al Ain Zoo. Worth The Drive, but Lease a 4×4 or Saloon

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Al Ain Zoo is a great day out. If you grew up visiting zoo’s you’ll remember how exciting it is for a child. Al Ain Zoo is no different in terms of fun than the ones you visited when younger. Al Ain is a few hours drive from almost anywhere in the UAE but the zoo is well signposted as soon as you get into the suburban area.

The zoo is large so comfortable shoes are required, a pushchair for those under three is also needed. It will take a few hours to see everything and fortunately there are two indoor areas that give you rest from the heat as you journey through the zoo.

The only downside, and really, it is the only downside, is the catering facility. Long queues, average food, and not enough space to sit inside on weekends, means you should eat before you arrive. There are plenty of snack huts in the zoo so getting that all important bottle of water isn’t difficult.

You’re not going to enjoy the journey in a small white hatchback as the bulk of the journey is a long straight road. Get a sedan or 4×4, pack a sunhat and some sandwiches, and take the kids to see the lions!.


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