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Kayaking Around Abu Dhabi’s Mangroves

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The UAE is popular with scuba divers. The water is clear and calm (usually), and there are lots of places to undertake the activity. But, we don’t all want to be a scuba diver. And if we have children it’s not an ideal activity if they are too young or not keen (or, if you are scared stiff that they might drown!). But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the nature Abu Dhabi has to offer.

A mangrove is an area of vegetation that grows in calm shallow water, and Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah have extensive ones. Fortunately we aren’t allowed to just wade through them with our picnic boxes and sun shades, bangining every branch within range with the deckchairs we have hooked under our arms. No, but we can go see them with a 1.5hr package from the Al Mahara Diving Centre.

At PayPerKay we like outdoor activities. In the summer it can get a bit hot but for the winter months days out like this are ideal. We also like TVs and PlayStations but we don’t want our children to like those too much. The little ones will learn a lot more in an hour on a boat than they will stuck in front of SpongeBob for an entire weekend.

You don’t need to lease a 4×4 to get there, the diving centre takes care of transport. You just need to get to the car park.